Paper Strip Collated Nails

The majority of all paper strip collated nails are within the 30-34° range. Paper strip collated framing nails are typically the most costly, but the performance is the best of all collated nails. When a nail gun fires, it tears pieces of the collating paper from the row of nails. Considering it is paper and not plastic or metal, it results in less mess on the job site. Also, the head of the nail will sink into the wood entirely. That allows proper setting without any additional work and leaves a smooth finish where the nail is.

Ø, mmLength, mmNails per stripScrewRingSmooth
Other nail sizes, point, top and shank modifications are available upon request.

Nail shank types:

  • Smooth
  • Ring
  • Screw

Nail Cutting Point types:

  • Diamond

Nail finishing types:

  • Bright
  • White
  • Yellow

Also we can offer nails from low and high carbon or stainless steel.

3150-14700 pcs

according to the nail dimensions

40/48 boxes

on a pallet

Nails can be packed in unlabeled carton boxes or carton boxes with our logo.
On request, individually selected logos, texts or other graphics may be printed on the packaging.
Other packaging options are available upon request.