Plastic Coil Collated Nails

Nails in a plastic coil are most commonly used for outdoor work such as siding, subfloor, and roof sheathing. During nailing, the nails are easily detached from the plastic strip connecting them, so the direction of nailing remains unchanged. Working with such nails becomes much simpler and cleaner because there are no extra scraps from the plastic left. Such a coil can typically hold from 50 to 300 nails. In such a coil nails can be angled at 0° or 15°, counterclockwise or clockwise.

Ø, mm Length, mm Screw Ring Smooth
1.47-4.10 16-125 + + +

Nail shank types:

  • Smooth
  • Ring
  • Screw

Nail Cutting Point types:

  • Diamond
  • Blunt

Nail finishing types:

  • Bright
  • White
  • Yellow

Also we can offer nails from low and high carbon or stainless steel.

3150-14700 pcs

according to the nail dimensions

40/48 boxes

on a pallet

Nails can be packed in unlabeled carton boxes or carton boxes with our logo.
On request, individually selected logos, texts or other graphics may be printed on the packaging.
Other packaging options are available upon request.