Plastic Sheet Collated Nails

Plastic coil collated nails, also known as plastic sheet coil nails, are most commonly used for outdoor work such as siding, subfloors, and roof sheathing. During nailing, the nails are easily detached from the plastic strip connecting them, so the direction of nailing remains unchanged. Working with such nails becomes much simpler and cleaner because there are no extra scraps of plastic left. Such a coil can typically hold from 50 to 300 nails. Plastic sheet collated nails can be angled at 0° or 15°, counterclockwise or clockwise, upon customer request.

Ø Length Screw Ring Smooth
.058” – .162” 5/8” – .5” + + +

Nail shank types:

  • Smooth
  • Ring
  • Screw

Nail Cutting Point types:

  • Diamond
  • Blunt

Nail finishing types:

  • Bright
  • White
  • Yellow

Also we can offer nails from low and high carbon or stainless steel.

2500-18000 pcs

according to the nail dimensions

28/35/42/49/56 boxes

on a pallet

Nails can be packed in unlabeled carton boxes or carton boxes with our logo.
On request, individually selected logos, texts or other graphics may be printed on the packaging.
Other packaging options are available upon request.


  • 1. What is plastic sheetcollated nails?

    Similar in some ways to the plastic strip nails, the plastic sheet collated nails tends to be wider. This type of coil also sits higher on the nails as well, which helps make it distinctive from its plastic strip counterpart.

  • 2. How many nails are held in one plastic sheet?

    Plastic sheet collated nails hold from 50 to 300 nails per coil. Nails come under an angle of 0° or 15°.

  • 3. Where are plastic sheet collated nails are applied?

    Plastic sheet nails commonly are applied in construction, such as wall siding, subfloor installation, roof sheathing, etc.

  • 4. What are plastic sheet collated nail shank types?

    A smooth shank allows nails to enter the material more easily.

    Ring shank nails have very high initial withdrawal resistance. Therefore, they are used in many wood framing and sheathing applications.

    Screw shank nail resists withdrawal all the way out when being pulled. Therefore, screw nails are preferred for wood construction projects.

  • 5. What are plastic sheet collated nail point types?

    Diamond point is the most common nail tip. It gives the best possible penetration into the material.

    Blunt, or as others may refer to, no point nail tips are used when we want to avoid splitting the wood. It breaks the wood fibers instead of splitting them.

  • 6. What are plastic sheet collated nail finishing types?

    Bright nails are not coated with a protective finish layer which means they are more vulnerable to outdoor conditions.

    Electro-galvanized (white) nails have a 12μ layer of zinc which offers corrosion protection. They are generally used in areas where minimal corrosion protection is needed.

    Electro-galvanized (yellow) nails offer the same corrosion protection as white galvanized nails the only difference is the color.

  • 7. What is the price of plastic sheet collated nails?

    Raw material prices are always changing so it is difficult to set constant prices. To get a quotation of our updated product prices, please contact us via email or fill out the inquiry form on our product page.